How to avoid the Covid 19 a personal experience


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Walking in the andes of peru

I usually wake up at 5:00 a.m. and suddenly my throat is itchy and I start to cough. I take into account what could be the reason. Of course, I am a little scared to think that it could be the virus that is causing the pandemic.

I think about the last time I left confinement, it was exactly 7 days ago that I went on a trip to a town in Cotabambas. Could be?

According to what I have read, the virus can remain asymptomatic, that is why it is recommended once you could have been in exposed places such as markets, stores, in short, in places where people transit, you must be in quarantine for at least 14 days that it takes the virus to show up.

In principle the trip was made because it was necessary, we provided food and hygiene items among other things to a population. Of course we take the corresponding security measures and protocol.

In short, what I have chosen is to get up early and do exercise routines because we are sure that the best medicine to prevent and combat any condition is to have good health, also thanks to good nutrition.

The best medicine to prevent and combat COVID 19

Physical exercises

No need to go outside or to the neighborhood recreational park. I also had the habit of going out at dawn and hanging around the neighborhood, which I liked because the mountains that surround Cusco are a charming landscape to comfort anyone’s physical condition.

But this implies exposing yourself to the cold, since this June is winter and the cold is intense, especially in the early morning. It is also exposing yourself to the virus itself.

So I have chosen to do exercises in my room, just half a square meter and I have started doing routines thanks to with this routine for beginners.

Mindfulness to have the spirit and soul in harmony

After doing the exercises I take a seat and begin to follow the instructions given by meditation3.

I had the opportunity to come across the talks of Mario Alonso Puig. A successful psychiatrist who is now dedicated to making couch on mindfulness. I am looking forward to reading your book titled A Breath! Mindfulness the art of staying calm in the midst of the storm. (in spanish)

Tomate un respiro Mindfulness Mario Alonso Puig
Tomate un respiro Mindfulness Mario Alonso Puig

But I still have not been able to buy it and that is because I have accessed her book that she wrote a little earlier: Living is an urgent matter.

With this I mention the third recommendation to stay healthy, cure and prevent the Sars-CoV2 virus that causes COVID 19

Read for a healthy mind

I am not saying to focus on self-help books, much less, what I mean is that they read topics that keep them excited. Read about topics that fascinate you.

Right now I have been doing research on the trend of tourism, especially taking into account the new normality that will emerge after gradually overcoming the Covid 19. This fascinates me, understanding the market and its behavior, the changes that are emerging and in especially the changes in the behavior of millennials during their travels, the shared economy and the actions of platforms like Airbnb in this context.

This keeps me active, but above all encouraged and therefore makes my mental health unbeatable.

Therefore, I encourage you to start practicing exercises by doing simple routines, mindfulness and readings that fascinate you.

Until next time.

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