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Huayqui Peru Local community

Peaceful town with a typical environment, on the way to Huacra Pucara

It is a community in the Acos district, Acomayo Cusco province. Away from the urban whirlwind, it is in a wide inter-Andean valley formed by the Apurimac River.

The environment of this town is surrounded by mountains dominated by capricious rock formations. Dotted with small hamlets of which stands out, to the front and west, a town that seems to be aware of any movement to avoid falling into the river.

His name is striking

It resembles with Wayki that of the Quechua language it would mean brother.
Within the population, they are building a house that looks like a colonial one, the residents have told me that this will be to serve tourists.

How to get

The route to follow is: Cusco – Urcos – Quiquijana – Cusipata – Pomacanchi Lagoon – Marcaconga Sangarara – Huayqui.
Making route: You take the bus that goes to Acomayo Zorro express, from Acomayo you take a car or combi that takes you to Huayqui.

What to visit

From Huayqui, with a fairly steep walk up the mountain, you can visit the Huaqra Pukara Archaeological Site. That it is an original construction around a cliff with an environment that has personally surprised me. That yes, it takes a very steep walk of three hours on average.

Where to eat

When you arrive in Huayqui, at the entrance and in front of a small Catholic chapel, there is a friendly lady on the corner who you can ask her to prepare you something to eat. Its cuisine is simple but it saves you from hunger.


Without a doubt to visit Huayqui you must be physically prepared. Take something to eat and water. And of course bring a light rain jacket or poncho. You never know when it can rain.

What I liked

It is true that it took a great effort to climb the steep path towards Huacra Pucara (or Huaqra Pukara) that begins in Huayqui but I really liked the experience of meeting nature.

What I did not like

It is a remote community therefore finding good food or restaurant is not possible. But I must say that the kindness of the lady in the corner encouraged me

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