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What is Marketing

Often it is not understood what exactly is marketing, what are its functions or what task it fulfills in our company. Or at best there is a misunderstanding assuming that marketing is basically about sales, that is, generating sales of the products or services that our business provides. In part, this last statement is correct, the purpose of marketing “is also to increase sales.” But it’s not just that.

Marketing also deals with the client, his needs. A sentence that makes us better understand this topic is the one made by Peter Drucker, an American professor, who told us “marketing sees business with the customer’s eyes”.

Certainly, the marketing system will allow us to perceive the services of our business from the perspective of the consumer, in this case the tourist. So we conclude that marketing will allow us what we are doing well, and what we can do better.

Who is responsible for marketing in our business?

Everyone works in the marketing activity. In other words, we are all committed to identifying the visitor’s need. That you feel comfortable and satisfied in our business. It is not a specific area that must take on the task of making the customer feel satisfied. Sometimes it is wrong to create a marketing area and believe that sales are solved.

So how do I do marketing?

In principle, build a marketing culture in your business. For this you must have your own attitude and that of your collaborators, your business must constitute an organization with the best resources that does not necessarily mean costs but more important than this is having a motivated team that feels the shirt and is attentive to every detail . And go to the advice of specialists who will help you build a marketing system in your business.

Ready for Change?

The tourism sector is highly sensitive to change. The change in your company must add up so that the client feels satisfied with the service it provides. Don’t forget that the most important thing is your client. And in tourism we have the most diverse clients that require us to constantly change. The only thing that remains constant is change.

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