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How to avoid the Covid 19 a personal experience

I usually wake up at 5:00 a.m. and suddenly my throat is itchy and I start to cough. I take into account what could be the reason. Of course, I am a little scared to think that it could be the virus that is causing the pandemic.

I think about the last time I left confinement, it was exactly 7 days ago that I went on a trip to a town in Cotabambas. Could be?

According to what I have read, the virus can remain asymptomatic, that is why it is recommended once you could have been in exposed places such as markets, stores, in short, in places where people transit, you must be in quarantine for at least 14 days that it takes the virus to show up.

In principle the trip was made because it was necessary, we provided food and hygiene items among other things to a population. Of course we take the corresponding security measures and protocol.

In short, what I have chosen is to get up early and do exercise routines because we are sure that the best medicine to prevent and combat any condition is to have good health, also thanks to good nutrition.

The best medicine to prevent and combat COVID 19

Physical exercises

No need to go outside or to the neighborhood recreational park. I also had the habit of going out at dawn and hanging around the neighborhood, which I liked because the mountains that surround Cusco are a charming landscape to comfort anyone’s physical condition.

But this implies exposing yourself to the cold, since this June is winter and the cold is intense, especially in the early morning. It is also exposing yourself to the virus itself.

So I have chosen to do exercises in my room, just half a square meter and I have started doing routines thanks to with this routine for beginners.

Mindfulness to have the spirit and soul in harmony

After doing the exercises I take a seat and begin to follow the instructions given by meditation3.

I had the opportunity to come across the talks of Mario Alonso Puig. A successful psychiatrist who is now dedicated to making couch on mindfulness. I am looking forward to reading your book titled A Breath! Mindfulness the art of staying calm in the midst of the storm. (in spanish)

Tomate un respiro Mindfulness Mario Alonso Puig
Tomate un respiro Mindfulness Mario Alonso Puig

But I still have not been able to buy it and that is because I have accessed her book that she wrote a little earlier: Living is an urgent matter.

With this I mention the third recommendation to stay healthy, cure and prevent the Sars-CoV2 virus that causes COVID 19

Read for a healthy mind

I am not saying to focus on self-help books, much less, what I mean is that they read topics that keep them excited. Read about topics that fascinate you.

Right now I have been doing research on the trend of tourism, especially taking into account the new normality that will emerge after gradually overcoming the Covid 19. This fascinates me, understanding the market and its behavior, the changes that are emerging and in especially the changes in the behavior of millennials during their travels, the shared economy and the actions of platforms like Airbnb in this context.

This keeps me active, but above all encouraged and therefore makes my mental health unbeatable.

Therefore, I encourage you to start practicing exercises by doing simple routines, mindfulness and readings that fascinate you.

Until next time.

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Mountain trekking in Peru A Local Experience

To walk is to go together with the mountains elements who make up our spiritual community and accompany us on the way.

The Andes, as you realize, is not just pampa, how ugly that would be. Here at every moment the landscape is changing. That is why human runa, those of us who live in the Andes have always been walkers.

Imagine that we walk days carrying our crops that grow for example in a cold climate because they are at a higher altitude, to exchange them for other crops that grow in the lower part of the mountain with a warm climate.

The walk can last for weeks. Our llamas carry our seeds and together we travel. That is why the Andean road qapaq ñan are long that communicate all the Tahuantinsuyo tawantin suyu.

Start the hike in the Andes Mountains

To begin with, we entrust ourselves to the spirits of the mountains that we call apu to accompany us and make their way so that they take us where we are going. We insert three coca seeds kuka ruru, if the mother earth pachamama receives us our trip will be good.

Walk in the mountains alone or accompanied

During these long paths we are always accompanied. Those who accompany us are the winds, the rains, the lightning and the wild animals. Each of these beings has its character and we can recognize them.

The winds for example, when it is cold to the point that it hurts. We say to him that icy wind Q’asa Wayra, he is male and he is generally upset. He walks in the frost season especially in the mornings of May and June.

On the other hand, the soft and warm winds are winds that are in a good mood. It is that they are sent by Mother Nature Pachamama to accompany us when we have requested.

Walking in the Andes is talking to Mother Nature

Also the rain stops and the lightning illapa are those who accompany us on our way, there are those who are intense there is a lot of rain and lightning. This usually happens when you have not entrusted yourself well, you have not talked and asked to accompany you at the beginning of your walk, so our spirits are not in harmony.

You can always talk to them again and ask them to accompany you so your path will be more enjoyable.

As you see, all natural phenomena are different and have their character. They are like us there are masculine Urqu as well as feminine China as well as there are bad millay and good sumaq, you can see that they are easily recognized.

We are leaving to walk in the Andes

Currently we don’t walk anymore, we prefer to take the car. Perhaps it is easier or is that we have become lazy.

With this fact we have stopped talking to the mountains, rivers and the Pachamama nature. We have disconnected from our mother.

Trekking in the Andes Mountains is good for health

Walking is reconnecting with nature

Walking in the Andes stimulates the eyes, fills your lung with renewed air. It is effort that comforts your body.

But it is also an opportunity to converse with the spirits that inhabit nature, to return to live with mother earth so that your being is in harmony with your ayllu environment.

Words in quechua The Andes Native language


Qaphaq ñan

Tawantin suyu

Kuku ruru










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Thinking of my next walk

Healthy Lifestyle

In the time we live, at home but without being able to leave, getting excited about the next walk animates our senses.

Taking a walk on a mountain in the Andes is an experience that fills the soul of those who are accustomed to receiving the wind in their faces as you climb the side of the mountain, while feeling the aroma of mixed plants. With the dew of the rain that just passed.

The environment dominated by green color, the aroma of wet grass, the wind whispering in your ear.
I have not yet decided what the next route will be, but just thinking that I will go again is exciting.
Nature waits, it is better, because the days that human beings have stopped contaminating it during these days of corona virus, Mother Earth has taken a breather. I’ll go visit her, my heart is pounding. But calmly the time will come.

rainbow mountain vladimir vargas
rainbow mountain vladimir vargas
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Tourism Promotion

The need of a good service

The tourism industry is a sector where “salesman” customer contact occurs more frequently than in any other sector. That is why quality service becomes a key success factor for companies that provide tourist service, this becomes the basis for good tourism promotion, that is; I can only offer or promote an excellent product or service, and otherwise it is a guarantee that the project will be a failure. Keep in mind, before starting a promotion plan, make an evaluation of your service. I recommend that you start with evaluating the type of collaborators (employees) you have, since they are the image of your company in front of each client who visits your premises, attractive or buys your product.

The new tools

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have made much more accessible tools available to tourism managers so that tourism services, products, businesses or destinations reach the target customer. Now you do not need large amounts of money to access sophisticated promotional techniques, with creativity and ingenuity you have the possibility to access an audience that is currently on the other side of the world looking to find a place like the one you offer. Social networks (facebook, google +, twitter, LinkedIn, flickr, youtube …) have become the stars as communication channels, managing to cross borders not only geographically but have also brought customers in a friendlier way with companies. If you and your business have not yet entered social media let me tell you that you are one step behind, because as you will see it is no longer an innovation but a necessity to be in the current market.

Communication of Contents

The key is in a content promotion, providing reliable information especially that expresses the local spirit of the destination, its real facilities and accessibility. Taking care that an image other than the real one is not sold. It is no longer about publishing the product that I think I have to offer, with features that in my opinion are the best or what I think my customers should like. It is about providing useful information that is useful to the visitor, that is easy to understand and in formats that are accessible. Content communication is one that changed the information that companies publish to one that emphasizes the customer experience. In the tourism sector, visitors are the ones who share and share their experience, adventure, difficulties and emotions, bringing useful information to the potential visitor.


Many times I have had the opportunity to listen to tourism managers who claim to have an attraction that lacks tourism promotion and little by little when we are analyzing certain factors of the place and the other similar attractions are becoming aware that they are not so different. So previously, very superficially, do the following exercise: First, ask yourself the question: Are you very sure that your attractiveness has the characteristics that you give it or do you think there is a need for a technical evaluation? Note that it is not enough the fact that for the one who has the initiative it is an attractive or extraordinary product, because other factors must also be taken into account. Second, ask yourself, does appeal have a brand? Keep in mind that for this it has been necessary to carry out a design, elaboration and construction of an image that communicates the personality in a particular way the attractiveness.

Anyway, if you are thinking of making a promotion plan, or simply want to promote your service, product or tourist attraction, I advise you to start by paying attention to the original that differentiates you from the other products and evaluate the people who bring the appeal to the customer is the service, with this I am sure you will have a good promotion.

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What is Marketing

Often it is not understood what exactly is marketing, what are its functions or what task it fulfills in our company. Or at best there is a misunderstanding assuming that marketing is basically about sales, that is, generating sales of the products or services that our business provides. In part, this last statement is correct, the purpose of marketing “is also to increase sales.” But it’s not just that.

Marketing also deals with the client, his needs. A sentence that makes us better understand this topic is the one made by Peter Drucker, an American professor, who told us “marketing sees business with the customer’s eyes”.

Certainly, the marketing system will allow us to perceive the services of our business from the perspective of the consumer, in this case the tourist. So we conclude that marketing will allow us what we are doing well, and what we can do better.

Who is responsible for marketing in our business?

Everyone works in the marketing activity. In other words, we are all committed to identifying the visitor’s need. That you feel comfortable and satisfied in our business. It is not a specific area that must take on the task of making the customer feel satisfied. Sometimes it is wrong to create a marketing area and believe that sales are solved.

So how do I do marketing?

In principle, build a marketing culture in your business. For this you must have your own attitude and that of your collaborators, your business must constitute an organization with the best resources that does not necessarily mean costs but more important than this is having a motivated team that feels the shirt and is attentive to every detail . And go to the advice of specialists who will help you build a marketing system in your business.

Ready for Change?

The tourism sector is highly sensitive to change. The change in your company must add up so that the client feels satisfied with the service it provides. Don’t forget that the most important thing is your client. And in tourism we have the most diverse clients that require us to constantly change. The only thing that remains constant is change.

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International Mountain Day

With the theme “Minorities and indigenous peoples of the mountains” today is remembered International Mountain Day. Celebration that has been carried out since 2002 when the United Nations Organization will declare by Resolution approved by the General Assembly. Likewise, in said resolution, 2002 had been declared the International Year of Mountains.

Mountain vladimir Vargas
Mountain vladimir Vargas

This year’s theme tries to reassess indigenous populations, albeit with a look to seek their development. This recognition is important in view of the contributions that these peoples have made to the feeding of humanity. It is a fair recognition, but not enough.

Despite the fact that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, they continue to be the object of denial of native men and women, which has been transformed into the denial of their economic and cultural self-determination.

For its part, the fragile ecosystems typical of the Andean mountains are being deteriorated through the adoption of mechanisms other than sustainable adoption.

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Huayqui Peru Local community

Peaceful town with a typical environment, on the way to Huacra Pucara

It is a community in the Acos district, Acomayo Cusco province. Away from the urban whirlwind, it is in a wide inter-Andean valley formed by the Apurimac River.

The environment of this town is surrounded by mountains dominated by capricious rock formations. Dotted with small hamlets of which stands out, to the front and west, a town that seems to be aware of any movement to avoid falling into the river.

His name is striking

It resembles with Wayki that of the Quechua language it would mean brother.
Within the population, they are building a house that looks like a colonial one, the residents have told me that this will be to serve tourists.

How to get

The route to follow is: Cusco – Urcos – Quiquijana – Cusipata – Pomacanchi Lagoon – Marcaconga Sangarara – Huayqui.
Making route: You take the bus that goes to Acomayo Zorro express, from Acomayo you take a car or combi that takes you to Huayqui.

What to visit

From Huayqui, with a fairly steep walk up the mountain, you can visit the Huaqra Pukara Archaeological Site. That it is an original construction around a cliff with an environment that has personally surprised me. That yes, it takes a very steep walk of three hours on average.

Where to eat

When you arrive in Huayqui, at the entrance and in front of a small Catholic chapel, there is a friendly lady on the corner who you can ask her to prepare you something to eat. Its cuisine is simple but it saves you from hunger.


Without a doubt to visit Huayqui you must be physically prepared. Take something to eat and water. And of course bring a light rain jacket or poncho. You never know when it can rain.

What I liked

It is true that it took a great effort to climb the steep path towards Huacra Pucara (or Huaqra Pukara) that begins in Huayqui but I really liked the experience of meeting nature.

What I did not like

It is a remote community therefore finding good food or restaurant is not possible. But I must say that the kindness of the lady in the corner encouraged me

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