International Mountain Day


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With the theme “Minorities and indigenous peoples of the mountains” today is remembered International Mountain Day. Celebration that has been carried out since 2002 when the United Nations Organization will declare by Resolution approved by the General Assembly. Likewise, in said resolution, 2002 had been declared the International Year of Mountains.

Mountain vladimir Vargas
Mountain vladimir Vargas

This year’s theme tries to reassess indigenous populations, albeit with a look to seek their development. This recognition is important in view of the contributions that these peoples have made to the feeding of humanity. It is a fair recognition, but not enough.

Despite the fact that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, they continue to be the object of denial of native men and women, which has been transformed into the denial of their economic and cultural self-determination.

For its part, the fragile ecosystems typical of the Andean mountains are being deteriorated through the adoption of mechanisms other than sustainable adoption.

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