Mountain trekking in Peru A Local Experience


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mountain trekking in peru local experience

To walk is to go together with the mountains elements who make up our spiritual community and accompany us on the way.

The Andes, as you realize, is not just pampa, how ugly that would be. Here at every moment the landscape is changing. That is why human runa, those of us who live in the Andes have always been walkers.

Imagine that we walk days carrying our crops that grow for example in a cold climate because they are at a higher altitude, to exchange them for other crops that grow in the lower part of the mountain with a warm climate.

The walk can last for weeks. Our llamas carry our seeds and together we travel. That is why the Andean road qapaq ñan are long that communicate all the Tahuantinsuyo tawantin suyu.

Start the hike in the Andes Mountains

To begin with, we entrust ourselves to the spirits of the mountains that we call apu to accompany us and make their way so that they take us where we are going. We insert three coca seeds kuka ruru, if the mother earth pachamama receives us our trip will be good.

Walk in the mountains alone or accompanied

During these long paths we are always accompanied. Those who accompany us are the winds, the rains, the lightning and the wild animals. Each of these beings has its character and we can recognize them.

The winds for example, when it is cold to the point that it hurts. We say to him that icy wind Q’asa Wayra, he is male and he is generally upset. He walks in the frost season especially in the mornings of May and June.

On the other hand, the soft and warm winds are winds that are in a good mood. It is that they are sent by Mother Nature Pachamama to accompany us when we have requested.

Walking in the Andes is talking to Mother Nature

Also the rain stops and the lightning illapa are those who accompany us on our way, there are those who are intense there is a lot of rain and lightning. This usually happens when you have not entrusted yourself well, you have not talked and asked to accompany you at the beginning of your walk, so our spirits are not in harmony.

You can always talk to them again and ask them to accompany you so your path will be more enjoyable.

As you see, all natural phenomena are different and have their character. They are like us there are masculine Urqu as well as feminine China as well as there are bad millay and good sumaq, you can see that they are easily recognized.

We are leaving to walk in the Andes

Currently we don’t walk anymore, we prefer to take the car. Perhaps it is easier or is that we have become lazy.

With this fact we have stopped talking to the mountains, rivers and the Pachamama nature. We have disconnected from our mother.

Trekking in the Andes Mountains is good for health

Walking is reconnecting with nature

Walking in the Andes stimulates the eyes, fills your lung with renewed air. It is effort that comforts your body.

But it is also an opportunity to converse with the spirits that inhabit nature, to return to live with mother earth so that your being is in harmony with your ayllu environment.

Words in quechua The Andes Native language


Qaphaq ñan

Tawantin suyu

Kuku ruru










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