Thinking of my next walk


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In the time we live, at home but without being able to leave, getting excited about the next walk animates our senses.

Taking a walk on a mountain in the Andes is an experience that fills the soul of those who are accustomed to receiving the wind in their faces as you climb the side of the mountain, while feeling the aroma of mixed plants. With the dew of the rain that just passed.

The environment dominated by green color, the aroma of wet grass, the wind whispering in your ear.
I have not yet decided what the next route will be, but just thinking that I will go again is exciting.
Nature waits, it is better, because the days that human beings have stopped contaminating it during these days of corona virus, Mother Earth has taken a breather. I’ll go visit her, my heart is pounding. But calmly the time will come.

rainbow mountain vladimir vargas
rainbow mountain vladimir vargas

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