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The need of a good service

The tourism industry is a sector where “salesman” customer contact occurs more frequently than in any other sector. That is why quality service becomes a key success factor for companies that provide tourist service, this becomes the basis for good tourism promotion, that is; I can only offer or promote an excellent product or service, and otherwise it is a guarantee that the project will be a failure. Keep in mind, before starting a promotion plan, make an evaluation of your service. I recommend that you start with evaluating the type of collaborators (employees) you have, since they are the image of your company in front of each client who visits your premises, attractive or buys your product.

The new tools

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have made much more accessible tools available to tourism managers so that tourism services, products, businesses or destinations reach the target customer. Now you do not need large amounts of money to access sophisticated promotional techniques, with creativity and ingenuity you have the possibility to access an audience that is currently on the other side of the world looking to find a place like the one you offer. Social networks (facebook, google +, twitter, LinkedIn, flickr, youtube …) have become the stars as communication channels, managing to cross borders not only geographically but have also brought customers in a friendlier way with companies. If you and your business have not yet entered social media let me tell you that you are one step behind, because as you will see it is no longer an innovation but a necessity to be in the current market.

Communication of Contents

The key is in a content promotion, providing reliable information especially that expresses the local spirit of the destination, its real facilities and accessibility. Taking care that an image other than the real one is not sold. It is no longer about publishing the product that I think I have to offer, with features that in my opinion are the best or what I think my customers should like. It is about providing useful information that is useful to the visitor, that is easy to understand and in formats that are accessible. Content communication is one that changed the information that companies publish to one that emphasizes the customer experience. In the tourism sector, visitors are the ones who share and share their experience, adventure, difficulties and emotions, bringing useful information to the potential visitor.


Many times I have had the opportunity to listen to tourism managers who claim to have an attraction that lacks tourism promotion and little by little when we are analyzing certain factors of the place and the other similar attractions are becoming aware that they are not so different. So previously, very superficially, do the following exercise: First, ask yourself the question: Are you very sure that your attractiveness has the characteristics that you give it or do you think there is a need for a technical evaluation? Note that it is not enough the fact that for the one who has the initiative it is an attractive or extraordinary product, because other factors must also be taken into account. Second, ask yourself, does appeal have a brand? Keep in mind that for this it has been necessary to carry out a design, elaboration and construction of an image that communicates the personality in a particular way the attractiveness.

Anyway, if you are thinking of making a promotion plan, or simply want to promote your service, product or tourist attraction, I advise you to start by paying attention to the original that differentiates you from the other products and evaluate the people who bring the appeal to the customer is the service, with this I am sure you will have a good promotion.

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