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Tourism Research

Advisory service in Tourist research work to organizations, companies, students and professionals in Tourism.


Methodological Design and Preparation of Thesis Projects.
Elaboration of Tourism Development Projects.
Tourist planning work.
Marketing plans.

Topics or areas of study:

Analysis and management of the impacts produced by the tourist activity in the local communities.
Tourism Policies, analysis and measurement of the impacts of the regulations applied in the various territories.
Rural Community Tourism or Experiential Tourism, implementation, monitoring and impacts of this type of tourism in Cusco.

Tourist Marketing

Development of Tourist Products.
Human Resources, education, training and trends.
Load capacity, studies and development of indicators.
Sustainable Tourism Development.

Tic´s, development, implementation and measurement of impacts of information technologies applied to tourism.
Tourist Planning, formulation and development of Master Plans, Communal Plans, development of Tourist Prioritization Zones, Plans of Tourist Use of Protected Areas.
Tourist Demand, impacts of demand, measurements of floating population, profiles.