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Tourist Interpretation Script

Tourist Interpretation Script

What is the Script of tourist interpretation?

The tourist interpretation script is a communicative tool, which allows interpreters and tourist guides to perform on a tour or tourist circuit, that is, the communicative discourse on an organized visit in a natural or cultural environment.

How to build a performance script

This is based on the characterization of the interest and motivation of the visitor. Your empathy with nature or the culture you visit and sensitivity to the environment you visit.

Factors to consider

Motivation of the tourist

The first factor that we must consider is the motivation of the visitor.

 A second factor to take into account in the construction of the tourist interpretation script is the available time that the tourist has to carry out the tour.

Thirdly, the intrinsic characteristics of the tourist resource are natural or cultural.

Time is determined by spending capacity.

Tourist Resources

The tourist resources that are available in the destination determine the opportunity to build the interpretive discourse.